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‘One minute read’ is a short post to help you establish and live the life you really want! The articles support you with topics of personal development, self-discovery, inspiration and offer you simple, easy to use tools so you can adopt it to your personal problem areas. It takes only a few minutes to read, as you probably have limited time to spend online!

  1)Cold Therapy It is an amazing tool of healing your soul. Cold therapy is just getting popular in Hungary. It is not expensive and has a wonderful effect on your body, mind and soul. You start to walk into a room -60 C ( you stay for about 1 minute) after this you walk into a room -120 C

I left my corporate job almost 2 years ago to travel and to set up my own business as a life and marketing coach. I always thought that being stressful comes from the enormous pressure generated by the corporate world, hitting sales targets, decreasing costs, managing people, measuring up to your boss’s expectations. But becoming an entrepreneur now I have

Stop dreaming your life and start living your dreams. I’ve recently read the following: From 1000 dreams, only 100 make it to become a specific plan, only 10 get to the „doing / getting things done” stage and only a 1 to 3 dreams get actually fulfilled. Why is that? We tend to believe that dreams are impossible to reach,

“You will feel powerful only when you learn to use the power of love.” Debasish Mridha   Did you ever feel those famous butterflies in your stomach? Of course you did… That is the power of love. The wonderful thing about humans is the passionate love they are able to feel. That feeling is one of the strongest powers on

Walt Disney Cartoons are amazing because of many different reasons: every person in the world knows at least one of them, it is a big business success and it gives lot’s of kids and adults happiness, fun, love and laughter. You have to refresh the inner child within you to keep the innocence and the basic learnings in life. “You

Have you ever wondered what happy people do to stay happy all the time? Well, I think, being positive doesn’t mean you have to feel happy every minute of your life. Sometimes we face fears, stress, loss of a loved one, break up or just feel sad. And that is allright. Life is a rollercoaster and without ups and downs,