3 Questions to Stop Procrastinating to Do Your Dream Job!


When you finally make the big change and head towards your dream job, you are extremely happy. It’s like the world is your oyster and you have found the One. At least that’s how I felt when I finally left my corporate job – which I loved for so long. I’ve been living the workaholic, autopilot life for only 10 years, which might sound like: Only 10 years and already burnt out? Considering that people spend over 40 years in a corporate environment, but I am a maximalist and a perfectionist. So 10 years could have been 15 or 20.

So when I was planning to get my coaching career running I thought the Universe will obviously roll the red carpet for me for being so brave and pursuing my dreams. It will deliver everything to my front door on a silver plate. And most of all,  I’m a pro marketer, that’s what I’ve done in the past years, so I must know how to sell and promote myself to my clients.

Well, Crap. I had to realise that I am scared, I have no idea how to start, the marketing tools used are so much different and that I’m delaying to start my business. Since then I have learnt so much from my success stories but also from huge failures. I tested tons of methods until I finally met my own way, which I feel comfortable with. But the turning point came when I realised I need to stop procrastinating, holding myself back.

Here’s the 3 Life Changing Questions I asked myself to stop procrastinating and finally jump into my dream job:

1) What am I holding back from Others if I don’t make the move?

Once I realised my unique combo of the true desire to help others, my coaching skills, my personal life experiences, my positive personality and my background of leadership, marketing and business, I was shocked. I mean I knew about them, but when I saw it written down that’s when I knew,  this can be really helpful for so many, struggling with the same things I went through before.

So what can you give to others? What are you holding back from them if you don’t put yourself out there with your products, services or skills?

2) What am I holding back from Myself If I don’t make the move?

Well, this was even more shocking: success, money, great feeling of helping others, the lifestyle of traveling the world and so much more. I am basically stealing all this from myself If I am too chicken sh*t to make the move and start to do what I meant to do!

So be honest, what are you holding back from yourself?

3) What’s the best and what’s the worst thing that can happen?

Let’s start with the devil, the worst scenario. What is it? You’ll fail? So? You’ll try again. Some of the most successful people have failed many times and even lost everything they had at some point of their career. Write it down, it will be less scary.

What’s the best scenario, the happiest thing that can happen? Describe it as detailed as possible and try to feel every bit of it. It will bring you closer to your dreams and keep you motivated.

Tip: Try to find an image and print it out which summarizes it and stick it on the bathroom mirror, so you see it every day.

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You don’t have time to waste, life is beautiful, start to live the way you really want today!

Hi, I’m Sophie! I’m a life and business coach helping entrepreneurs to become successful in their businesses. I left my well-paying corporate job to fulfil my dreams: travel through Southeast Asia and to set up an amazing business. Inspireasy blog has been created by me and Barbi with the aim to inspire You to live the life You really want! Contact me on sophie.tolgyessy@gmail.com and visit my site www.sophietolgyessy.com to book a FREE COACH CALL!

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