3 ways of inspiration

‘3 Ways of Inspiration’ gives you simple solutions to make your life better! We generally over complicate things, but sometimes the simplest things work the best! They will help you to make positive changes in your life right away! We gather problems that are relevant in most of our lives and offer you easy ways to help you live the way you really want! Follow the simple guidelines and incorporate it to your life!

The world is amazing and colorful because of all it’s different nations, religions, habits and groups of people. How comes all of us are looking for the same thing? happiness.   Happiness is a momentary feeling, that you can make last a lifetime if you learn how to avoid the first to ways and try the third one on my

Your soul is on it’s journey for a longer time than you can imagine. Make sure she/he is treated well by you.  If your soul is satisfied it gives you in return health, love and happiness. Find your purpose and soul mate by feeding the right meal each and every day without exceptions. If your soul is on the right

 “Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them – that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.” Lao Tzu Sometimes slowing down and simply going with the flow can be a life saver. We are constantly in a hurry and never seem to stop. We are

Change your attitude so you can start to enjoy the activities you don’t like! There are a bunch of things that I really had to force myself to do. I literally hated them. The best examples are “financial work” in my company, excel charts, administration and in my personal life completely different ones like jogging and ironing. Those are the

“Life is one big transition!” Willie Stargell Many times I wonder about the circle of life. We were born, we live, we die and go back to the nature. But at the same time you feel the fascinating power of eternity. You feel it in the calmness of some people, in the wisdom of an eye  or in the power

The language of love is the only way to make all people in world understand each other. This is the only language which could bring people around the world together in Peace with different cultures, religions, age or nationality. I got the chance to travel around the world and one of the most amazing experience was, that no matter what

“Whether you think you can, or you can’t , you are right!” –Henry Ford Mindset is everything! I have learnt this very important lesson through my struggles of believing in myself and my dreams and also through the concerns of my clients wanting to quit their job and setting up their own business. If you are able to switch to