3 ways of inspiration

Living abroad is like a restart button in your life! If You feel unhappy demotivated or stuck in Your life get the hell out of there for a while. It will change Your view to positive by putting you back to the start line. Trough my promotional agency I’ve got recently the chance to take 8 girls for 6 month

“I define intuition as the subtle knowing without ever having any idea why you know it,” Sophy Burnham (bestselling author of The Art of Intuition) Learning to listen to your intuitions is key to a happy life in my opinion. We tend to analyze and rationalize everything around us, but what we should master more is learn to listen to our

If my life was a 100 page book, I would say I lived only 10 pages until the age of 30 and in the past 4 years the plot has fastened up and amazing new characters have appeared. As things are going now, I might even think that I will have to publish a trilogy for my life story.  I