3 Life Changing Revelations of My 30s!

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If my life was a 100 page book, I would say I lived only 10 pages until the age of 30 and in the past 4 years the plot has fastened up and amazing new characters have appeared. As things are going now, I might even think that I will have to publish a trilogy for my life story.  I would title it: Lost and Found. It starts slowly, a bit boring, but then as the book develops amazing story lines appear.

Lost and Found, as I had to lose everything in order to find myself truly for the first time deep in my 30s. Giving up my career, my salary, my car and even my home and friends for a while, to set out to experience all the wonders of the world. I spent 6 months travelling solo, meeting a bunch of amazing people on the way, who had such a huge impact one me that they must have been angels is disguise. Even people I have met or talked to for not more than 15 minutes are still buzzing in my ears. Words and sentences that deeply touched me and that have led to my amazing revelations that are now the guidelines of my life. Looking back it is like a puzzle, everything I felt, every word I heard and all the adventures that happened to me are now clicking in!

Here’s my top 3 revelations of my 30s:

1, If you love and accept yourself unconditionally your life will change!


Interestingly this was the first revelation I made long before I could actually feel it being true! I somehow knew this will be the starting point of all the happiness I am about to discover! 3 years ago I was overweight, I didn’t do any sports, I smoked half pack of cigarettes, I drank a lot of wine and I was stressed or angry most of the times.

Then I started to repeat affirmations to myself such as: ‘I love and accept myself the way I am and for who I am’, ‘I fill my body with love’. I took every opportunity I could to teach my mind love. I realized: How can I not love and cherish the body that is giving me the opportunity to live? We have to be allies otherwise I am not existing.

It took a while to clean my negative thoughts and beliefs as it is constantly pressured on us by media that we have to be perfect in every way.

Today I am able to say it out loud with pride and honesty: I love and accept myself the way I am!

You should start to work on this as well, it’s never too late!

2, You are a 100 % responsible for your life!

There is absolutely no one else in this World, who can change your life for you. You have to take 100% responsibility on what is happening around you. This does not mean that you are guilty of manifesting something bad or tragic. It’s just you have the power in your hands to change your attitude and focus your thinking on things you want, instead of on something you can’t have.

You are the creator of your own world, take control and start to make the first step on your journey to a really happy life!

Tip: If you have trouble accepting this statement, use the following positive affirmation for 30 days to help you:

I take a 100 % responsibility for my life and start to create feelings and things I truly want. I manifest /fill it in/ in my life!

3, Listen to your true calling!

The most important lesson I’ve learnt is that you need to do what you love! Do not waste your time too long on things that you hate! Life is short and you never know what is going to happen tomorrow. We are not here to suffer, but to enjoy life and all the beauties that comes with it!

What is it that you love doing?

When was the last time you lost track of time because you loved doing something so much?

What did you want to become when you were a child?

Answer the above questions to help you figure out your true calling!

Tip: I know the word meditation scares a lot of people. I constantly hear that : ‘I can’t meditate, I can’t stop my thoughts’! Good news for you than: you don’t have to stop your thoughts, you just have to acknowledge them and then let go!

Meditation is a way of hearing out your inner calling. Sit quietly for a couple of minutes each morning right after you wake up and listen to your breathing (just state: I inhale, I exhale and let the thoughts pass by you!) This will teach you to be more mindful. Be patient, it will take a while! But I can guarantee once you get the feeling, you never want to stop meditating!

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You don’t have time to waste, life is beautiful, start to live the way you really want today!

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