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Hi! I am Sophie, co-founder of inspireasy. My life has transformed mind blowingly in the past  years. I feel relaxed and happier than ever! I’ve been working in the corporate world as a Marketing Director for almost 10 years, but I felt something was missing and I didn’t understand what was wrong. During these years I spent almost all of my free time to learn about myself, take courses and read personal improvement books.

bio finalThen I decided to go back to school to study business and life coaching. I was afraid to admit it, but deep down I knew improving people  is my real life path. So after years of procrastination I finally left my job and travelled solo for six months in Southeast Asia. It has been the best decision of my life, although it was not easy! Leaving your job for just a feeling that life will be better?  Yes! I took the risk and here I am, doing the passion of my life: improving myself and helping You to live your life to the fullest!  Life is beautiful and it is my number one goal to support you  in an easy way so you can make the transformation too, no matter how small or big your dreams are!

Hi! I ’m Barbi, co-founder of Inspireasy and I’m 25 years old . I was always a little “different” because of having trouble understanding the life adults live and I definitely didn’t want to be part of it the regular way. The feeling of not fitting into traditional society inspired me to write this blog.  I’m so lucky that nobody could  break me in, no matter how hard they tried.

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I opened my promotional company in 2010 doing amazing and fun promotions for alcohol companies, when I was ony  21. I’ve learnt a completely new way of thinking. My personal goal is to improve myself to be a better person and to guide you on your own path to be happier through my example and of the wonderful people I have met on my journey.

It all started with a dream! We imagined to build an online project that inspires people to live the life they really want! Something positive, fun and easy that can help build an amazing community of people who are following their dreams and passion! This is how our baby, inspireasy was born!

Inspireasy has been set up with the aim to inspire You to live the life you really want!  We truly believe that you can make a difference in your own life just by changing your attitude, thoughts and actions to positive!  Although there is so much beauty around us, we are full of negative programs and limiting beliefs. There is so much more to life than 9 to 5 stressful jobs, only weekends for fun and rest and a week of holiday per year! Generally people live their lives like robots and they might even be considered lucky for being able to go by the beach for a week or two per year.

We believe there is another, happy way, a life that is in accordance with your dreams and passion!

You don’t have time to waste, life is beautiful, start to live it the way you really want it Today!

We understand You need help and motivation, the same way as we did,  to achieve this! The good news is that what limits us from changing are only thoughts and fears. Just by thinking differently you can transform your life, so you can finally be happy and fulfil your dreams! We have gone through the same path becoming from robots of life to flow-ers of life!

We are dedicated to share the most important steps to live a happier life in a fun and easy way and give you tips, exercises, ask you some provocative questions to move you forward!  We know you have limited time to spend online, so we want to make this short, easy and effective.

Let us be part of Your journey only for a few minutes per day and make You feel happier, more inspired and motivated!

It is a great pleasure to have you here and we are very excited to support you with awesome posts so you can make your own transformation!

This is the very first step on your beautiful journey, enjoy the ride!:)

With love,

Barbi and Sophie

Co-founders of Inspireasy

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