How to Gain Back Your Motivation When You Feel Down?


Being spiritual does not mean that everything is positive and glittery all the time. Sometimes you go through tough times and feel sad or even depressed. When your heart is broken or someone hurt your feelings or a loved one passed away, it’s impossible to stay positive. Also your fears can come to the surface and without allowing them to pass, they won’t leave. So it’s OK to feel down sometimes, it’s part of life.

As long as you are aware what is happening to you and you don’t let it completely rule your life for too long it’s OK. These tips will help you feel better and step on the track of positivity.

Here’s how to gain back your motivation when you feel down:

1) Be grateful and don’t take things for granted!

Make a list of 25 things that you are grateful for in your current life. It sounds a lot, but it’s actually not. Give yourself a couple of days to grow your list. Update it time to time and put it in a place where you see it everyday.

For example when I feel down I start to thank the Universe for being healthy. I take it for granted, that I feel energetic, I can see, walk and think. But you never know, changes can occur any time in our lives, that is why it is so important to feel gratitude every day of your life!

2) Set a really motivating goal!

What would you like to achieve that is so motivating that you feel really good about it? Set a challenging, but realistic goal that you can work towards in the upcoming months. It can be as small as losing some weight to buying a new car for yourself.  Just make sure it makes you feel good, makes you want to jump out of bed each morning!

3) Talk to others and ask for support!

Talk to as many people as you can who support and love you. Close friends, family members, but even strangers can give you inspiration to feel better. Network as much as you can, meet new people and attend events that would be out of your comfort zone. The breeze of change always brings in positive vibes. Give it a try!

4) Do what you love!

Which are the activities when you lose track of time? What do you enjoy doing the most? Do it everyday or as often as possible! You will be surprised how this simple tip will change the way you feel in just a matter of days.

Tip: Try to meditate for a couple of minutes each morning before you jump out of bed. Think about the things you are grateful for and your top goal. Do this for 7 days and feel the difference it makes, when you start your day with a positive thought!

5) Face your sadness and fears!

Accept that for whatever reason you feel sad or you are afraid. Say: ‘It’s OK, that I feel this way, it is also a part of me.’ The first step of letting them go is to face and accept them.

The best way is to list them out, write down everything that comes to your mind.


Remember, the most important thing you can do for yourself is to accept whatever is in your right now. Don’t judge yourself! You feel it for a reason, it’s OK.  It won’t stay forever, eventually you will feel much better, but you have to take a tiny step each day to gain your motivation back.

You don’t have time to waste, life is beautiful, start to live the way you really want Today!

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