3 Ways to Go With the Flow!

 “Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them – that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.” Lao Tzu

go with the flow

Sometimes slowing down and simply going with the flow can be a life saver. We are constantly in a hurry and never seem to stop. We are running to work, to a meeting, to pick up the kids, to fix dinner etc. It was really tough for me to agree with the concept of: Doing nothing is sometimes better than doing everything. As it will help you relax, slow down and finally step on the waves of the flow of life. In this state you simply enjoy the moment, the activities you are in (and you are not 5 hours ahead in time in your head planning something) and you kind of lose track of time, as everything is OK just the way it is. You really enjoy life and everything that comes with it!

3 easy ways to go with the flow!

1) Don’t feel guilty because of doing nothing!

There are some days in life when you have to wait. You truly need to stop thinking and start to do simply “nothing”. Even if you try to do some work at this point it won’t be productive. I realized that I get a very negative and depressing feeling when I don’t work and that pressure I have on myself could actually ruin my day.

Enjoy the moment, fill yourself with love and great energy without worrying. You need transition periods in life, few hours or even sometimes days. The funny thing about it is that the more relaxed you can stay the more you can speed up the the transition. Don’t ruin this wonderful waiting period by worrying about everything and by the feeling of guilt. I always thought that being busy or even looking like a busy person is cool. It is not!

Being a clear minded relaxed person who doesn’t go crazy if there is nothing to do is cool. Go with the flow.

2) Go with random feeling and situations!

The feeing of guilt or pressure because of doing something else or new is the monster of humans. A dark terrible energy built up from fears, negative codes and programs. Let me give you a very simple story of mine as an example.  I had a meeting in Budapest in a little pub. This was 2 o’clock in the afternoon. After that meeting I’ve got the feeling to have a cocktail and just walk around the city all by myself. The little monster immediately  appeared. Am I crazy for having a drink in the middle of the day? What would my boyfriend say? Why would I do this on a work day? I should go back to the my office! I am not a tourist in Budapest, I live here! Can you believe that you and your thoughts would stop you from doing something fun and great?!  The interesting part of the story is, that I finally decided to have a drink, go for a big walk and I started to feel relaxed and proud of myself. And I met one of the biggest clients of my company on the way.

How often does your little monster stop you from doing something fun?

3) Don’t set too many rules for yourself!

There are already so many existing rules of governments, society, different groups etc. You will forget to enjoy your life if you fill it up with your own rules. Of course many of them are needed to avoid chaos in the world but the ones you create for yourself are stopping you from going with the flow. I used to made my own list of silly rules which make my life and of the people around me difficult.

“If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun.”

You don’t have time to waste, life is beautiful, start to live the way you really want today!

Hey, I’m Barbi, owner of several companies: Angeli-Book publishing, Angeli-Team promotional agency and co-founder of Inspireasy. Just turning 26 years old and I love to be an entrepreneur. Inspireasy blog is a dream come true for Sophie and me. Enjoy it and try to get as much out of it as possible… LIVE THE LIFE YOU REALLY WANT! I promise it works!

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