How to Love Myself and My Body? This is How I Did It!


My life changed in so many amazing ways when I learnt how to love myself that I needed an hour to gather all the wonderful consequences that took place since I pay attention to love and accept myself as a person and my body as well.

I somehow always felt that accepting ourselves is key to live our lives happily, but I suffered from not accepting who I was, not trusting my decisions, my thoughts and not loving the way I looked at all! But now I see myself beautiful and I truly love myself the way I am, even though nothing really changed physically -except for some weight loss and eating much healthier-,but the real changes went through in my head by transforming my attitude and love for myself!

Growing up in a world, where beauty equals being thin and even that is not enough, -as everything is made even prettier with Photoshop – gives a huge amount of pressure on us, especially ladies. Media constantly promotes beauty and all the products we need to buy in order to feel happy, that it’s no surprise that we want to be perfect in every way! Click here to read more about the traps of limiting beliefs such as ‘I have to be perfect!’!

Imagine if you don’t love yourself and trust what you do, think and say, why would anyone else feel differently? Do you think Apple would’ve sold millions of iPhones if they thought it was crap or too big or too small or too thin? They obviously believe that it is the most amazing product ever invented on this Planet! And you should do exactly the same! You are unique and amazing and if you don’t feel this way right now, it’s only in your thoughts, which can be changed any time! It will take effort, but you can do it, the same way, I did!

How to love myself more? So this is how I did it:

1, There must be something you like about yourself!

Looking into seeing yourself more clearly, your strengths and weaknesses can help you change the most common negative thinking pattern, which is “Black or White” thinking. This means everything is good or bad, ugly or beautiful, horrible or wonderful, there is nothing in between. I used to say: “I hate my body”. But there must have been something I liked about myself, right? For example I like my beautiful blue eyes, my strong nails and the color of my hair, but I didn’t like the extra weight I had on.

You see there is a big difference between saying you hate everything about your body, than stating the one or two things you dislike!

List 5 things you like about the way you look and 5 things you love about You, as a person!

2, Change what you can and learn to accept what you can’t!

Another trap is when you hate yourself for something you can’t change or don’t want to change. For example: I wasn’t satisfied with my height. I thought I was too short and short girls don’t look so sexy as tall girls with long legs. Is there any way I can change this? Not really, high heels only. Once I realised that I have to accept my size I started to feel the beauty of being an average height girl and now I really love this about myself.

  • What are the changes You can make to feel better about yourself? (For Example: loosing weight, eating healthy food, go to the hair dresser, build muscles etc.)
  • What is it that You can’t change about your looks, so you need to accept it? (For Example: height, genetics etc.)

3, Use a positive affirmation for the toughest ones!

I will be honest, rational stuff – like answering the above questions- doesn’t work on all of our dislike areas. Some of them are so strong, that you literally need to decode it from your mind! For example: I used to hate the muffin top on my stomach, but I couldn’t figure out why the feeling of hate and discomfort was so strong (as it is not that big deal that I don’t have six pack abs). I started to repeat positive affirmations to dissolve the negative energies around it and not only did I start to feel good about it after a while, I started to lose weight and now I find it pretty feminine.

Start to change your attitude towards yourself to love and accept who you are. Amazing things will start to happen, you will feel better, have more energy, probably  your body will transform, people will like you more and you will believe to be capable of a lot of new things! These are the things that happened to me.

Don’t hesitate to ask yourself Now: How to love myself better?

You don’t have time to waste, life is beautiful, start to live it the way You really want it Today!

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    I could use some positive affirmations in my email. Or just anything positive really. Thanks. I’m trying to lose weight just like everyone else.

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    Hi Melissa, Thanks for your comment! I emailed you, let me know if you need further help we are glad to support you!:) Go Girl!:))

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