I’m More Than Good Enough and I Get Better Every Day.


You are perfect, as you are, right now. What does that mean? You probably don’t feel that way, do you? It means that whatever you are in, if you fight the present, you lose. Everything you do and experience happens for a reason. Stop judging yourself. Just observe your thoughts, fears and beliefs, don’t run after them by evaluating them all the time, don’t let them rule your life. You are not a puppet. If you can manage to listen, they will lose their power over you and you will feel perfect, as you are. As you will get better every day. Step by step as your thoughts change.

Positive affirmations can help you change your old, negative thinking patterns and habits! It’s like school, you teach you mind a wonderful new concept so you can let go some of the beliefs that are not serving you anymore! Use them as many times as possible during your day either by saying them out loud or just repeating them to yourself! You can also write them on a piece of colorful paper or post-it and stick it on your bathroom mirror, so you see them everyday.

You don’t have time to waste, life is beautiful, start to live the way You really want  Today!

Hi, I’m Sophie! I’m a life and business coach helping entrepreneurs to become successful in their businesses. I left my well-paying corporate job to fulfil my dreams: travel through Southeast Asia and to set up an amazing business. Inspireasy blog has been created by me and Barbi with the aim to inspire You to live the life You really want! Contact me on sophie.tolgyessy@gmail.com and visit my site www.sophietolgyessy.com to book a FREE COACH CALL!

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