How to Listen to Your Intuitions?


“I define intuition as the subtle knowing without ever having any idea why you know it,” Sophy Burnham (bestselling author of The Art of Intuition)

Learning to listen to your intuitions is key to a happy life in my opinion. We tend to analyze and rationalize everything around us, but what we should master more is learn to listen to our heart, to our feelings and senses, as they are the best compass of our lives.

How to listen to your intuitions?

1)  It’s a great gift that has to be noticed!

Intuitive people listen, rather than ignore, they go after their intuitions and gut feelings. It is different from logic or from thinking. If you learn how to listen, the voice can lead you towards the life your soul truly desires. Intuition is knowing without knowing! In order to make our best decisions, we need to balance intuition and rational thinking. If you already know the feeling then start to work with it, if you never had one before start to listen to yourself by taking quiet moments only with yourself each day. The best time to do that is in the morning, before getting out of bed. Just keep your eyes closed, take a few deep breaths. Connect with yourself!

2) Listen to Your inner voice and the signs your body gives!


Intuitive people listen to their feelings and to the signs their body is giving them. If you want to get in touch with your intuitions don’t forget to spend some time alone every day or take a meditation class.  It is amazing when you learn how to connect to your inner wisdom. You need some silence in the middle of craziness.

Did you ever have bad feelings in your stomach almost getting sick because you knew something is wrong but you couldn’t tell what it was exactly. If something doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t. Did you ever get a very bad or very good feeling about a person?  Did you ever have the feeling that you need to go in a specific direction and couldn’t give a logical explanation why? Intuitions can cause physical sensation in the body to guide you on your path. Listen to your intuitions and give them a chance to show you the right direction.

 3) Act upon them!


Give yourself a try out period for one month when you act upon your gut feelings. Let me give you two short stories of mine as an example. I was at the horse place ready to go for a tour in the woods with a bunch of people I am riding with. I’ve got a very bad nervous feeling that stopped me from going. I felt bad because they were all waiting for me. Unfortunately they’ve got in an accident. Nobody got seriously hurt. I knew it and I was very thankful that I listened to my feeling.

The other story happened in London while we are sightseeing with my friends. We had a plan what to see and when to do so. I opened the map and got a very strong positive feeling that I need to travel on a specific subway line. They actually told me that I am an idiot because there is nothing there. I left and told them to meet up later. On the underground line where I wanted to go so bad I bumped into a  good, old friend of mine who I’ve haven’t seen in ages. It was wonderful. I knew somehow I have to be there. We had a great time and continued to keep in touch and now she is one of my best friends.

You will find yourself in situations so many times when you will know somehow what to do. Knowing and doing is not the same. Put these feeling into actions and start to follow the indescribable art of intuitions.

Good luck!

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