3 Reasons to Learn the Language of Love!

The language of love is the only way to make all people in world understand each other. This is the only language which could bring people around the world together in Peace with different cultures, religions, age or nationality. I got the chance to travel around the world and one of the most amazing experience was, that no matter what place you end up being at, love can always help you to find everything You need.

language of love

Reasons to learn the language of love:

You can only speak the language of love when your heart is open. You can learn how to open your heart with yoga classes, smiling, through meditation or simply by imagining  a bright warm light filling up your whole chest. Please practice it and you will see the result very soon.  All the words leaving your mouth have a big influence on people. “Watch your mouth” and make sure the things you say are based upon love and makes everyone feel better when they are around you.

1) Everyone will understand You all over the world.

It doesn’t  matter where you are if your heart open you’ll be surrounded by wonderful people wherever you go. It works like a magnet people who speak the language of love attract each other. Even if you have difficulties to explain something in a foreign language all solutions and answers will come to you. One of the most fascinating story was when I travelled to India and got lost in Hyderabad. A women came up to me and draw me on a paper with lot of people around me with a big heart in the middle. She showed me that the person on the paper is me and I should look around my environment to help others. I truly needed that information at the time. One of the most important information came from a women, who didn’t speak my language and neither did I speak hers.

Listen to the language of love and you will get answers you need from all over the world without actually talking.

 2) You can find your soulmate through it.

The person who is meant to be your partner will only find you through this language. True love comes through the language of love. This is a very interesting part. You can have relationships, lovers, friends but your soulmate will only find you through your language of love. It’s like a secret communication and his sensors will only recognize you if your heart is open. You don’t need to say a word he/she will understand you easily. Work on it and on yourself so you’ll see how you change to positive and all people around you will change as well. Some will disappear and some new ones like you will come into the picture.

3) You will find happiness in life.

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony.” Mahatma Ghandi

Open your heart, communicate and act with love and you will find the way to a happy and content life. In case you don’t know what to do or what to answer for a person ask yourself:

What would love do in this situation?

Start to speak the language of love and join our community. Do not hesitate to contact us if  you feel stuck or lost, we can help you to feel happier and learn the language of love.

You don’t have time to waste, life is beautiful, start to live the way you really want Today!

Hey, I’m Barbi, owner of several companies: Angeli-Book publishing, Angeli-Team promotional agency and co-founder of Inspireasy. Just turning 26 years old and I love to be an entrepreneur. Inspireasy blog is a dream come true for Sophie and me. Enjoy it and try to get as much out of it as possible… LIVE THE LIFE YOU REALLY WANT! I promise it works!

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