10 Life Changing Revelations to a Happy Life!


“Not all those who wander are lost” – J. R. R. Tolkien

I left my corporate job to discover the world on my own, as a single 33 year old woman, who has ticked all the boxes of society up till this age, just to find herself unhappy, lost and burnt out.

So this was my time to rediscover myself and explore all the things I haven’t in the past decade. I also had to relax and let go of all the tension I possessed during the long hours of work and stress in my job. I remember floating down the river surrounded by breath taking karst cliffs in a tube in Lao after two months of travelling, which was the moment when I finally let go and felt happy for the first time in years! It was a life changing moment for me, I still feel the emotions and thoughts I had.

During those years of living an autopilot life, my diary was my best friend, where I listed out every positive and negative feeling that I could encounter! All the fears, limits and crazy thoughts that came up. I identified so many things and finally I found my true calling underneath the corporate manager girl I used to be: I am going to help others to break their limits and launch their dreams, the same way I did! And step by step I found my Happiness!

These are my life changing revelations towards a happy life:

1) Your most important job is to learn to love yourself and believe in You!

Everything starts here. Success, wealth, happiness. When I’ve learnt to love and accept my body, my thoughts, my actions and the person I am, everything started to fall into place!

I used a simple positive affirmation to clear my limits and beliefs – that are so successfully burnt in our minds by media (i.e.: you have to look perfect)

‘I love and accept myself the way I am and for who I am.’ I repeated it every day, as many times as possible for months and day by day it got better.

2) You are the only one capable of changing things in your life!

There is no one else in this world, who can change your life so you can feel happier. You are the only one who can do that! If the circumstances are not right, you have to refocus and change your attitude and thinking!

3) Do what you love, love what you do!

There is absolutely nothing more important in life than to do what you love! Everyone is good at something and we can all find jobs or hobbies that make us happy! There is no point in wasting our time on things we hate or on people who make us unhappy.

Either do what you love or learn to love what you do! Just make a choice to love what you do! Work is 1/3 of your life, don’t fool yourself thinking it not important!

4) Money cannot be the sole goal of your life!

It’s wonderful to buy things you need or travel the world, but just collecting more and more of it will make you miserable! Money will not make you happy, but if you do a job that you love, you will attract enough money to buy the things you really need.

5)  Life is short and you never know what’s going to happen next!

Stop procrastinating and ask yourself: What if I had only 5 more years to live? Would I do something differently?

Life is precious, don’t waste it on things you don’t like or people that make you feel bad!

6) Fears are only buzzing flies in your head!

The only limit is the one that we set for ourselves. Fears block us from achieving our goals, so we have to let them go!

Tip: Start by taking a piece of paper and list out 20 fears you have related to work, life, money, love etc. Being mindful about our limits and fears are the first step to letting them go!

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7) It’s all about the right mind-set!

You can really achieve all that you want in life if you trust yourself and if your goals are in accordance with your core values, as they are the main motivators of our life. Always focus on what you want, what makes you happy. Create habits of positive influence! (ie.: journaling about your dreams, meditation for connecting with your higher self, learning from motivational speakers etc.)

8) Start networking!

Did you know that the 5 people you spend most of your time with determine who you are? Are they people who motivate and support you or are they pulling you back?

Start networking in Facebook groups, forums, meet ups, workshops etc. for inspiration and support!

9) Don’t over plan yourself!

Making plans and goals that are in accordance with your values are key to a happy life. But don’t be so arrogant to think that you know everything. Always leave a few doors open as the Universe might know a better solution for you!

10) Enjoy life and be grateful!

Do everything you can to fill your life up with things that make you happy! This means being in the right job or business, sharing your life with the right partner and friends, spending time on hobbies that make you happy! Be grateful for all that is already in your life!

What are Your dreams and what are you going to do about them?

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You don’t have time to waste, life is beautiful, start to live the way you really want today!

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Hi, I’m Sophie! I’m a life and business coach helping entrepreneurs to become successful in their businesses. I left my well-paying corporate job to fulfil my dreams: travel through Southeast Asia and to set up an amazing business. Inspireasy blog has been created by me and Barbi with the aim to inspire You to live the life You really want! Contact me on sophie.tolgyessy@gmail.com and visit my site www.sophietolgyessy.com to book a FREE COACH CALL!

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