3 Reasons for Living Abroad for a While!

Living abroad is like a restart button in your life!

living abroad

If You feel unhappy demotivated or stuck in Your life get the hell out of there for a while. It will change Your view to positive by putting you back to the start line.

Trough my promotional agency I’ve got recently the chance to take 8 girls for 6 month to Turkey. Most of the girls have never been outside of Hungary more then 3 weeks. They were really scared and nervous to make the decision. It is difficult to leave your partner, your family, your friend or your current job, but this can bring an amazing positive change in your life and in those people’s life who you left. Sophie the co-founder of this blog made the same step in her life by leaving her well paying job to become an entrepreneur. She travelled around Asia for 6 month to find her real passion.

3 reasons for living abroad:

1)You will face your true skills of surviving!


Food, clean clothes,drinking water, hot water or even a good night sleep can be difficult at the beginning of  your journey. It is amazing how You will find the solution for all challenges around you. There are no situations you could not solve. At “home” you get used to basic things like your car, your kitchen or even the place you buy fresh bread.

Try to use your wonderful mind to get everything you need done.You will discover yourself by leaving the comfort zone. You’ll find out your secret abilities and qualities by the different emotional and physical challenges you need to face.By the time you will go home You will see how easy your life is and all things are already set for You to live the life You really want.

2)You will let many negative habits and beliefs go!


Magic happens when your brain is busy with all the new informations and when you don’t have time to think about all the negative things you normally do.  Let me give you an example. One of the girls just never left her flat in Budapest without makeup because she felt bad without it. She had a negative belief that she doesn’t look good. She always covered her pretty face. Day by day she started to wear less make up because of the heat and because nobody knows her in Turkey. She explained me that she starts to love herself again by letting some old habits go.

Limiting beliefs and negative thoughts can disappear if you are not under the pressure of the people around you. People from different cultures can give You positive affirmations and picture about yourself. The day you go home, You will realize that you don’t care anymore what others think because you love yourself the way you are!


3)You will be happy about the smallest things again!


When You are surrounded by foreign people in a new environment details are getting priority. You will try to catch up with their language so you’ll listen more carefully. You will try to see as many things as you can so you’ll open your eyes wider. By opening yourself You will also see little things you walked by at home before. Why does coffee smells nicer in Italy? Or Baklava taste sweeter in Turkey? Leaving your home town can help you to open up for happiness and love.

I know it’s really difficult to make a big change like that in your life, but trust me only the first step is hard to make, the rest will come with the flow. Do it now because later on you will always feel that you missed a wonderful opportunity. If you feel lost and stuck just open up that map and point out a place where you truly desire to go. It will work out don’t worry and the trip no matter how long it is will teach you a lesson you’ll be thankful for forever.

You don’t have time to waste, life is beautiful, start to live the way you really want today!

Hey, I’m Barbi, owner of several companies: Angeli-Book publishing, Angeli-Team promotional agency and co-founder of Inspireasy. Just turning 26 years old and I love to be an entrepreneur. Inspireasy blog is a dream come true for Sophie and me. Enjoy it and try to get as much out of it as possible… LIVE THE LIFE YOU REALLY WANT! I promise it works!

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