3 of The Most Inspirational People Who Thought Me to Never Give Up!

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My top 3 most inspirational people who have thought me to NEVER GIVE UP!

Compose without hearing? Small problem, music is inside.

Let me tell you a short story about a young man, who was a successful concert pianist. At the age of 26 something terrible happened to him, he lost his hearing. Such a sad story, right? His career was over and he had to look for another job. Well, this gentleman went against all odds and started to compose music and guess what, he became even more successful! His name was Ludwig Van Beethoven.

Successful career without limbs? Oh, Yes He’s Doing It!

Nick Vujicic, the amazing young man born without legs and hands wanted to end his life for so long. Today he is one of the most influential motivational speaker’s of the World, he’s married to a beautiful woman and has an adorable child. He turned the sad circumstances into an opportunity to help others.

Deadly Disease Diagnosis? No, Thank you!

I’m sure you are familiar with Stephen Hawking (Eddie Redmayne just won the Oscars for his character in the film ‘The Theory of Everything’) , who was diagnosed with a serious illness at the age of 21 and was told that he would die within 5 years. Shortly after the diagnosis he couldn’t walk and speak anymore. But he became one of the most inspiring physicist of our times and found a way to speak again – through his trademark computer which he operates with his cheeks. He was married twice and has 3 children, he is 73 years old today.

There are several people in history and also in today’s life who ignored the circumstances and just did it anyway. We are no different, both of us, You and me, if we really want it, we can do it! No matter what the circumstances are! Whatever our goal is in life, if we believe in it, we will achieve it!

But instead of accepting this simple rule, that we can create anything that we really desire in our life, we limit ourselves with fears and beliefs. Everything that you are delaying in your life right now, are probably because you are afraid of something. Our most common one is the fear of failure, that we are not good enough, we can’t do it, we won’t succeed or that someone won’t love us anymore.

I encourage you to use the examples of these people and take motivation, as well as inspiration from them! Start to work on letting your fears go!

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You don’t have time to waste, life is beautiful, start to live the way you really want Today!

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