Question of the day

A Question is the simplest way of inspiration!

Questions are one of the simplest and most effective tools to help You on the journey of self-discovery. Questions can inspire you and move you forward to understand yourself better! They help you figure out answers without anyone telling you what to do! We all know the answers to all of our questions, but sometimes it’s covered up with limiting beliefs, negative thinking patterns, stress and uncertainty!

Sometimes asking the right questions is more important, than knowing your answer right away!

  Is there something you’re really passionate about? Do you know what drives and motivates you? Passion can be anything from work to family, a hobby, truly anything that puts you in flow. There’s definitely something.  What made you really passionate when you were a child? Is there something you’ve always wanted to do but you never had the time

We are not always surrounded by people that inspire and motivate us. It’s really hard to let go of relationships that no longer serve us. A good measuring point can be: Do I feel good when I’m with that person? Is she / he bringing the best out of me? They say the 5 people you are the closest with

Are you truly happy in your life? Is it filled with things you love? Life is not a boring job to pay your bills. Imagine what it looks like when you are really happy. What kind of job do you have? Which people are around you? How would you like to feel yourself? Read the question again and take a

  Do you truly love yourself? Unconditionally? Accept whatever you feel? Even if you are mad at yourself? We tend to fight with negative feelings and thoughts, as it is bad for us, which is true in a way. But pushing it away and not letting it pass through can also harm us. We are all made up of yin

  Is your Ego leading your life or your Soul? What does your true self desire? If you peel off all the expectations and beliefs? Don’t worry this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to change your life completely, although it could. But even small adjustments and changes in what you believe in can change the way you look at

Is your heart filled with love? Or with hate, sorrow and fear? Which one of these are your actions and attitude driven by? This can probably be different in the diverse areas of your life. Look into them. You can only succeed if you make sure you fill your heart with love and gratitude. Would you like to read more?

  New Year is always a good time to dream and make goals for the next year. As they say if you can dream it, you can achieve it. So it is the first step to manifest, materialize whatever you wish for: may it be related to work, money, relationship, travel or love. Start by listing out what you dream

Have you done an inventory for 2015? What are the things, experiences that you can be thankful for this year? What would you like to take with you or leave behind? Have you started planning for 2016? What needs to happen next year to feel happier? What is next for you? Wow, lots of questions to think about. New Year

If you listen and observe carefully, you will always find the key learning of your day, situation and even problems. Don’t analyze too deeply as your rationality might lead you on the wrong track. Just listen to your heart, what is your learning, what do you need to pay attention to? Read the question again and take a few deep