What I’ve learnt about the secrets of success from my pets!

secret of success

Life will constantly teach you lessons through things you love because that’s where your attention is. This can be sports, your family or any type of hobby you love or in my case: animals. People who know me understand how crazy I am for animals and that I have a special bond with them. I have a bunch of pets at home and I always rush to save some more.

I consider myself an open-minded person and therefore pay special attention to the things around me, so I can grow as a person.

Here’s the secrets of success I’ve learnt from my horse, my dog and my kitten:

1) You have to stay open and explore to let opportunities in!


I just took home my first little kitten, she is so adorable. I never had one before so I had no idea how to take care of  her and what to expect. So I just started to observe what she does and how she handles the unknown. She just wanted to explore the house and see all the things she’s never seen before. After half an hour she started to challenge herself: Where can I climb up? Which is the highest point of the apartment I can reach?  It was amazing to see how she wanted to know everything! Her open mind-set inspired me to write this article.

Be open for the unknown and have the desire to explore the world through some adventures!  That is how you will learn and grow!

Tip: Write down at the end of each day in your diary what is your learning of the day!

2) Sometimes you have to be patient and invest time in the things your heart is telling you!


Breezer my horse is one of the biggest mentors in my life. It probably sounds funny but he changed the way I think about any project in my life. He was abused before, I bought him and he had no trust in people whatsoever. He always wanted to run away. I had some pretty difficult times with him. I fell of him many times because he got absolutely out of control. Everyone told me to get rid of him, because I can get really hurt, but my love for him was much stronger and I had a very special bond with him so I decided to learn to understand my horse. I knew he needs me and we need him to learn something from each other. I put the settle away and started to work with him for months only by slowly walking up to him and building a relationship based upon trust. I told him each day that I promise I will never give up on him and nobody will ever hurt him again. Because I’ve learnt how to be patient and kept my promise we could build up a wonderful successful relationship based upon trust.

Sometimes you need to be patient. You need to invest more time in a project or a relationship and it will worth it! Follow your heart if it tells you to be patient!

3)You have to take responsibility and control if you want your life to go your way!


Emi is a wonderful, well trained awesome dog. I found her when she was around 3 months old. In the beginning I started to treat her like I am her best friend and didn’t show her any rules. Therefore she didn’t respect me and thought I am one of her buddies and she is the one who leads. I decided to fix our relationship and start to make it pleasant for both of us. If I want to have her around me in restaurants and on a meeting I have to have a loyal, well trained dog who listens to me. The first lessons in dog schools was about dominance. You have to set the rules so he/she can follow it, represent it in a fun way to her and  afterwards you just have to keep the same message.

Be a good leader of your life, take responsibility and control! Be consistent!

Tip: Set clear rules and guidelines for your team as a leader as well, keeping the fun on the way. You will have the most loyal people around yourself!

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