What I’ve Learnt About Life on My Ski Trip!

If you go for a holiday please be open for all the messages waiting for You out there. Being in the moment and going with the flow. I had a wonderful time skiing in the Alps and I came home with incredible thoughts.

Here are the learnings on life I’ve got from my ski trip:

1) There are Ups and Downs!


The first thing most people face on a ski trip is the steep walk up with all the ski equipment. It is one of the most amazing feeling to ski down from the mountains but how come it’s one the most difficult things to climb up?! I realized that its the same in our life also:  It is so much easier to “go down” and it takes sometimes hours, days or even weeks “to climb back again”. You work hard on yourself  and it is just the matter of a few minutes that you feel down again. Thanks God we have wonderful inventions like a ski lift or just a simple T-Bar Lift, so You can be on the top fast again. That elevator in our life are motivational programs, life coaches, positive affirmations, questions, launch your dream seminars etc. Don’t worry there are always Ups and Downs. USE THE ELEVATOR!

2) You Need an Equipment!


Same way as you need a helmet, your skis, your boots and some ski-clothes on your ski trip, you will need 3 very important equipments for a happy life as well. Your Mind, Your Body and Your Soul. In case You have an education or you are simply paying attention, you have a strong, healthy body and you heart is filled with love You are ready to go!

3) Respect that there’s something more powerful than You ( out of your control)!


I was sitting on the lift staring at the wonderful view. The guide next to me pointed out a 30 m long shell form in the middle of the rocks. He explained me that millions of years ago this mountain was the bottom of the ocean. You can see that things can change: one day it was the deepest and now it is the one of highest points on earth.  You must know that there is something out there that is completely out of  your control. You can call it God, Nature, Universe or whatever you like, but you’ve got to respect the rules and strength out there. You are part of it. I think this is something what we will never fully understand…just put it in your mind that you’ve got to respect that power!

4) Overcome Your Fears!


It is one the most unbelievable and at same time shocking feeling when you are standing on the top of the piste and you know exactly that there is only one way down… I have to admit even the little hills can look so scary but trust me if  you change your mindset and overcome your fears it is easier than you think.

5) Follow a Good Mentor!


You don’t need to invent anything new. There are experts who you can follow and be as good as they are. In your personal life you will find also people who you can follow and learn from them. It is the best thing you can do. Hold onto someone and follow people who already made it. They know what lessons you need at the time and makes it so much more relaxed and fun.

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6) Balance!


My ski instructor reminded me about a hundred times to keep and focus on the balance. If you have the balance you can start to speed up. This is one the most difficult lessons for me. I go to extremes which push me out of balance. You have to find balance in every single part of Your life!(work, personal life, hobbies, spirituality, religion, fun)

7) Patience!


I think for this part I would like to use my two favourite quotes:

“Patience is not simply the ability to wait- it’s how we behave while we’re waiting!” Joyce Meyer

“Patience is a bitter, but it’s fruit is sweet.” Jean-Jacques Rousseau

8) Experience!


You will get into so many different “situations” while you are skiing and while you are living your life. These challenges will make you more experienced by time. I realized no matter how hard I try to ski backwards as good as my instructor he still wears his ski boots 257 days a year compared to my 5 days of skiing. Just practice and you will become better!

9) Your way should not hurt other people!


There are people who just don’t care that there are other skiers also besides them. They just fly in their speed and don’t even watch out for others who are on a different level than they are. This happens often in life. I met a bunch of people in my personal and business life who are stepping on others just to reach their goals. Trust me it’s cool to be nice!

10) Some risks are worth taking, some are not!


If you get to a level of skiing when you can ski any kind of black or off-piste routes you will probably start to go for more and more adventure. Please make sure you think about it before you do something crazy. But on the other hand, dare to take risks in life and step out of your comfort zone!

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