How My Spiritual Journey Started with Mother Nature!



My name is Henriett and I was recently diagnosed with autoimmune disease. I was fed up with this and how I was living my life so I decided to cure myself with traditional, holistic healing methods and not through modern medicine.

Working in the corporate world in Dubai had left me feeling depressed, lost and lonely, and I had to change that – I knew there was more to life than being chained to the material world. I had become torn between society’s expectations and what my heart was telling me to do.

I felt I was ready for a change and decided to take a leap of faith into the unknown. The moment I made my mind up, things began to happen for me, as if the Universe itself had heard my calling and was now facilitating my desires, which culminated in a trip to the Peruvian rainforest to take part in an ancient ceremony of Ayahuasca, the magical plant guru of the Amazon. I found answers during this holistic shamanic healing ritual in the Amazon of which I only heard about a month before my trip. The healing ceremonies happened after sunset in the ceremonial house with all the other group members. Every ceremony was very different from the other and they all were unique and personalized to what the individual required for his/her healing.

I don’t know if this is the way for everyone, as there is so many ways of self-discovery, but for me life certainly changed in an amazing way.

Here are the key learnings of my spiritual journey:

1) Follow the light. Love is the only answer.

This was the most important and memorable lesson I learned during my experience.

During one of the ceremonies I was taken to a really dark place within my own mind and during the tough times a voice kept repeating in my head: ‘Look for the light, then the same voice kept repeating to me maybe a hundred times: ‘Love is the only way’. Now I only do things with love, I try to listen to my inner voice therefore I feel more and I only do it if it feels right.

2) Happiness is success!

Listen to your heart. Your heart knows what’s best for you. Every answer is within you. What truly matters is what’s in your heart and all hearts that reside on this planet and that is pure love. Trust that it will always guide you on the right path; the path that’s meant for you to fulfill your purpose on Earth. If you love what you do, success will follow.

3) I changed my life and you can too.

If you are not happy with something then change it. If you are not healthy, change the way you live and watch what you eat. If you are not happy where you live, move. If somebody drags you down, learn to move on. I know it’s easier said than done but in reality once you make up your mind and decide, the universe will help you facilitate it. Just go for it. Let life flow through you.

4) I have learnt to forgive and let go.

Previously I would jump to conclusions about others so easily but now I slow down, take a deep breath, stop jumping to conclusions and I give people a chance. There is a reason why they are acting the way they are. I try to understand their path is different from mine and that everybody is doing their best from their own unique level of awareness.

5) We are all one. We are all connected. We are all united.

The universe as a big sea of energy that connects us all. It matters what we eat. The air we breathe. The places we live and where we spend the majority of our time. The people we hang out with. Everything is interconnected and we really are all one. We are all united and division is merely an illusory construct of the mind and of the ego to cause separation. All that’s created by the universe is very much alive and consists of pure energy. Respect every living and treat them with kindness because they can affect you.

6) You create your own world.

No matter what you do, you should always aim to do it with a pure heart and clean intention to keep your energy level up and your frequency higher. When people sense your intentions are clean and you are happy within, they will be attracted to your ray of light and you will also be surrounded with energies alike. Do things with love and you will be surrounded with love.

7) We all have a purpose.

I learned that we are in this world for a reason and each and every one of us has a different one. Why be jealous of someone else’s path when you can have an exciting and fulfilling one? I leaned that there is nothing positive from being envious of others and the only control I have is over my own destiny. I stopped focusing on what others do and why they do things and I decided to follow my destiny regardless what they do. I acknowledged that my path is different from others’ and now I’m focusing on following mine.

8) Overcome fears.

I noticed I used to be afraid of so many things. I used to be afraid of darkness and certain animals. I was also terrified of being alone. They are all gone now. I found happiness and love within me; I don’t feel I need someone else to make me happy. Darkness or animals that seemed to be scary before are a part of life. I am a part of life. I am a part of the universe.

9) I’m at peace with myself.

Getting rid of the accumulated emotional baggage that I have been carrying was one of the greatest gifts of Ayahuasca. I didn’t realize how much I have been carrying around since I was born. I feel like a newborn baby. I am at peace with myself and the world.

10) Plants have spirits too.

I felt the presence of good, loving spirits each ceremony but I particularly felt it the first time when a good, warm spirit entered my body after the first half an hour during the first ceremony. It was the most loving, caring, protecting feeling I have ever felt in my life! I also learned that plants also talk to each other. They feel. They live and they die and are just expressions of energy as we are. Only the vehicle to experience this realm of existence is different.

Everything has changed! My life has changed!

I look at the world differently. I feel more. I see deeper. I breathe more profoundly. I listen and I hear. I look and I feel. I stop and I breathe. I give and I get. I don’t dwell on the past or worry about the future. I live in the present, and I have never lived more and never felt happier.

You don’t have time to waste, life is beautiful, start to live the way you really want Today!

Henriett is passionate about philanthropy and she currently resigned her corporate job to fulfill her passion by moving to Peru and build a sustainable orphanage in the mountainous region of Junin. She is a pure, caring, empathic soul who channels the infinite universal love through her actions to fulfill her higher purpose on Earth. To contact her please email at

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